Custom Handmade Traditional Leatherwork.

Everything is hand sewn or hand stitched.

No machine work here.

Tobacco pouches, cornmeal pouches, pipe bags, prayer feathers, smudging fans, medicine pouches, drum bags, moccasins, medicine bags, shirts, dresses, jackets, vests, leggings, staffs, dancing wands, and more....

Please contact before ordering. 

See photos on the Gallery page for examples of leatherwork. 

Visit the Store page for items already made and for sale. 

Custom orders are welcomed. 

The purpose of my leather craft is to finance the Tree of Peace Unity Walk. Any donations are welcome.



" Jesse-Blue's work is like no other. The care and heart he puts into each of his pieces are above and beyond anything I have ever seen. He is an incredible craftsman and I feel grateful to have sacred items from Blue Moon Bear Leather Crafts."

- Courtney Lawrence, Vancouver, BC

"Jesse-Blue is a master artist. True leather work and artisanship rarely come together like this. He is one of the few left who understands and knows the traditional meaning behind why someone should wear, have or work with leather.

He not only is a master artist he puts all work through ceremony giving each piece its own special vibration. Enjoy!"

- Sandra Moon Dancer

"Leathercraft from Jesse-Blue is the most sacred gift I have ever received. I highly recommend it as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. Each piece is breathtaking, with so much artistry, craftsmanship, and detail."

- C Staples, Peterborough, ON

"Jesse-Blue's leather work is creative, unique, and truly sacred. All of the pieces he creates are put through a sacred ceremony, and I feel very connected to his heart and spirit through each one of my personal objects. Gifting or receiving a one-of-a-kind object such as these will be something you will cherish forever!"

- Matthew Jolly, Waskada, MB

"Jesse-Blue Forrest (Walking Thunder) is a master! I have not found such craftsmanship and artistry in leatherwork anywhere else. I love my set of prayer feather, medicine pouch and tobacco and cornmeal pouches, and feel the sacredness and ceremony that went into them. Each piece is unique. Thank you, I will cherish these for my lifetime. And I will definitely be ordering again!"

- A Staples, Toronto, ON

"I commissioned a piece for my mom originally, from Blue. Once I saw the amazing accuracy and befitting of a gift for one's Spirit- my mom's receptiveness of her Spirit gift was stunning. I knew I was going to have one created for me and my Spirit too, through Blue. I had also connected very strongly with a feather throughout the process of having my mom's made. This feather sealed the deal for me instantly. I love, love, love, love, love my new Smudge/Prayer wand. I have noticed a shift in me. Mind you, I have been going through some changes in my life recently and this Spirit gift coincided with those changes quite strikingly. For example, I connected with a darker feather. This is the base feather, the tallest one in my wand. Dark birds, Darkness in general teach us to accept and work with our shadows inasmuch as we work with and accept our Light. Sometimes it's not always an easy thing to do on either side.

Ever since this new Smudge/ Prayer feather came into my life I have noticed a difference in me having a desire to actually work with the Dark parts of myself that I have pushed aside for many a Time. Spirit knows how to heal itself. It simply needs support and help from our mind and body. Furthermore, I will add that at times I have even felt my shadow behind me. This is something that has transpired in my life ever since I have received this Spirit gift. To be honest, this kind of frightened me at first and then I put two and two together and realized it's for the benefit of my Spirit's growth and evolution. This gift I received from Blue is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have yet to find it a special box I can make it's home. I am so tremendously grateful for Blue's beingness, Blue's presence, and Blue's gift in sharing and creating what Spirit needs through his craft and artistry in Creating. Miigwetch Blue!"

- Raven aka Natasza (Zong-ga-day)

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